Our company has been specializing in the national and international trade of industrial machinery, industrial equipment and construction machinery for more than a decade.

We focus on recycling machines. With this specification, we can fulfill the demands of our customers for all-round competence and quality to their full satisfaction. We offer a particular advantage to companies from Western Europe due to our excellent network of recycling industry in Eastern Europe. We support our customers in building business relationships and help them maintain them in the long term.


We have learned never to give up and to face every difficulty. WITH SUCCESS.

Whether it is an international transport logistics of scrap shears with several cranes and trucks or a simple repair to a material handler – by clever and elaborate solutions and a structured approach PAPOR has been able to accomplish each task to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Our Products

To meet the demands of the market, we offer our customers an exceptional variety of products made by well-known brands of international market leaders.

Material Handler

Material handler made by leading manufacturers such as: Fuchs, Liebherr, Atlas, Sennebogen, Caterpillar, ect.

Scrap shears

Scrap shears by leading manufacturers such as:Taurus, Arnold, Lefort, Sierra, Oberlander / Becker, Lindemann, Copex, Leimbach, Henschel ect.

Scrap presses / baler

Scrap bailing press / baler, bracketing press, rail breaker, mobile and stationary by leading manufacturers such as:ATM Recycling System, Lindemann, Vezzani ect.

Scrap shredder

Scrap shredder or shredding facilities for processing and sorting of bodies and various types of scrap by industry-leading manufacturers such as Hammer Mills USA, Henschel, Danieli Lynxs and Lindemann.

Spare parts

All spare parts for recycling machines like rotators, pumps, hydraulic motors, grab rotators, sealing gaskets, blades for scissors, hammers for shredders, bushings and bolts ect.


Various grabs such as scrap grab , clamshell, timber grab, multi-blade grab, magnets or magnetic disks by manufacturers such as: Fuchs, Liebherr, Petras, HGT ect.